Tips for upgrading your home

Want to modernize your home without spending a lot of money? In this article we will give you some tips to make your home a relaxed and evolving space with a touch of sophistication. Here are some changes you can make to your home.


Bring life to your kitchen

Remodeling your kitchen may not be as difficult as you think. Are the tiles in your kitchen old? If you don’t want to replace them, you can simply paint them. Choose a resistant paint, that will survive to the water, vapors and bacterias, which are normal to this division. There are some objects in the kitchen that, besides functional, are also decorative, so make use of them, place glass doors in cabinets, with the most appealing pieces in sight. If, on the other hand, you prefer to keep these pieces hidden, but are tired of your cabinets, give them a new color, or change only the handles, it will look like a whole new environment. Take advantage of some empty spaces in your kitchen to put shelves. Put some cookery books or even some ingredients, like spices in glass jars.



A touch of color

Have you thought about painting a wall of another color? Do not be afraid and move forward. The dark tones can leave a room without light, however, if it is only one wall it will give a sophisticated touch and maintain the luminosity of the room. You can also place frames with light colors or mirrors on the darker wall, so the light will reflect on these surfaces and blur the darker tones, making the environment more pleasant. Cold colors such as blue or green can be soothing. For the room choose darker colors like red, or orange. If you want to keep the environment neutral, you can choose cream, cinnamon and gray shades, completing with touches in stronger tones such as red, orange and blue.


Mix different materials and textures

Try to create contrasts with different materials, such as a leather sofa and fur pillows and blankets. Choose a new curtain, choose thick fabrics and long lengths, these give the idea of a comfortable and soft. The rugs not only help warm up a compartment, but they create small living spaces, put puffs and cushions on top and you have a new place to relax with friends and family.



Make it more welcoming

Turn social spaces into more welcoming areas. Put some pillows and blankets on top of armchairs, sofas and chairs. Bring nature indoors, put a vase or jar with different flowers, these bring life to the room where they are, ensuring a calm and relaxed environment.



Let your house shine

Light, light and lighter. Use lamps or light bulbs to increase the brightness of your home. Bet on targeted lighting and lamps with warmer lights. The use of dimmers will also allow you to adjust the lighting according to the environment you want to create.



Bet a fun decoration  

Choose objects with vibrant colors to give color and life to the rooms. Add pictures to the walls, fill your house with photographs of your family adventures and children’s drawings, do not limit yourself to just one room, spread them all over the house and ensure a cozy environment in every corner.


The environment where we are every day also influences our mood. It is therefore important to create a space where we feel good, comfortable and identify us.


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