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The concept of Internet of Things is becoming more and more popular. More and more electronic equipment is connected to the Internet and to each other. If you think this is only applicable to new homes, or investing a lot of money, look better. More and more products are appearing and these are becoming more and more accessible.

Smart technology is the creation of an intelligent home system. For example, Amazon’s Alexa is one of the best-known gadgets. This can transmit music throughout the house, control the temperature, the lights, search information and activate small appliances.

In this article we show some innovations we can find in some houses and how you can adapt them to our home, making it smarter.


  • Frigorífico inteligente


Give more independence to your kitchen

The kitchen is one of the main divisions of a house, and one of the places where there are more intelligent equipment available. The refrigerator is one of this equipment that we think is just for food preservation, but nowadays, with the intelligent refrigerators, we have a new scenario. The refrigerator can be connected to your schedule, weather, ordering new foods and even suggest recipes with the food that he has inside.

If healthy eating is a concern for you, you’ll enjoy meeting Hapifork, a fork that controls the food you eat, the speed you eat, and helps you monitor the calories you eat. In addition to the fork, there is also the SmartPlate, a plate with sensors and cameras that controls what you eat, telling you whether or not you are eating right, counting calories and promoting healthy eating.

Imagine going to the supermarket, taking your usual list of products to buy, and even then forgetting about a product. Is this thought familiar? Then get to know the Genican, a rubbish bin that records all the products you put in the trash, reading the bar code and inserting those products into your next shopping list.

This is just a small sample of the gadgets you may find in your kitchen.



Have a restful and controlled sleep

The bedroom is one of the rooms where we spend most of our time, mainly sleeping. In order for you to wake up happily and energized to start a new day, the Amazon Echo is the perfect gadget to have at your headboard. Isn’t a simple alarm clock, is also checks outside weather, puts your favorite music to play, reads a book and even turns on the lights, all controlled by your voice.

What do you think about having a mattress that fits with your sleep? Adjusting to your movements, tracking your sleeping habits and even helps stop snoring, so you can have a restful night.

If the air inside your bedroom influences your sleep or your health, know that are already intelligent humidifiers and even fans that release hot and cold air, according to your preferences. Google also already has a smart gadget, Google Home, which allows you to search anything through your voice, as if you were actually doing a search on the site.



Have an iTech living room

The first thing people think of when they hear about technology is the room is a Smart TV. But there are many more innovations beyond this.

Smart thermostats seize their habits and adjust to your way of living, controlling temperatures autonomously. Wireless speakers will allow you to communicate with the entire house control the sound in all rooms.

An intelligent lighting system that allows you to change the color, brightness and intensity of the light, adapting to the different situations from day to day. And those times when you’re relaxing on the couch and you have to get up to see who rang the bell? Now you no longer need to get up, you can see and talk to whoever is out there and open the door through a smartphone.



The bathroom doesn’t need to be boring

Finally, the bathroom is often a separate room, we have only the necessary equipment and utensils. But it doesn´t have to be this way, you can have technological products, practical and beautiful in your bathroom. One of the most talked-about devices is the automatic toilets, which open the lid automatically, let out jets of water and heat and still put your favorite music to play. If this is out of your reach, you can start with small objects.

Imagine going to take a shower, where it would suffice to speak for the shower to turn on the water, at the ideal temperature, with led lights with calming and medicinal effects. Then, instead of looking for your shampoo in the middle of the many packages you have in the shower, just place your hand under the automatic dispenser to find your shampoo. In the end, he left the bath and dried himself with a towel that had been previously heated in a drawer. On those days when you just wanted to relax a bit, you can take a shower in a steam shower. After the shower, he would brush his teeth with a brush that tells him how his brushing habits are and teaches him how to improve. In the end, iRobot cleaned the bathroom floor.


It seems a unique experience to us, made it easier for us to do some tasks, and we had more time to devote ourselves to other activities, or simply to rest.

What do you think of this whole experience? Is this the reality of our homes in a few years?


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