After all, being sustainable is very easy

We can all be sustainable! We can all make small daily contributions. In our home, our work, we can all adopt sustainable attitudes in our daily lives, helping the environment, improving the quality of life of all and preserving the resources for future generations. It is through small attitudes that great changes emerge.

But, after all, what does it mean to be sustainable?

Sustainability is economic development based on the balance between the resources we have and how we use them for our benefit.

To be sustainable is to use the resources that we have available in a rational way, guaranteeing their preservation for the present and future generations.

Sustainability begins with each of us. The world needs us and we need the world.

The power to change the world is in our hands. You do not need extra equipment or make radical changes in your life, there are small habits that we can adopt daily and that can make a big difference, like:

  • carry your own reusable bag when you go shopping;
  • turn off the lights when not needed;
  • turn off the tap when washing your teeth or the dishes;
  • take shorter baths;
  • buy products with reusable packaging;
  • not to buy disposable plastic products;
  • give preference to organic foods and buy at the local market.

Make a difference and share your experience with everyone around you, inspire everyone to adopt a life with more sustainable habits.


Home Hunting has algo begun to contribute to a greener world!

We started by getting rid of all the pastic we got. The plastic bottles have been replaced by reusable bottles, the cups and glasses are made of glass or ceramic and the cutlery in metal. Disposable materials no longer enter in our office, they were replaced by reusable objects.

We begun to reduce significantly the number of printed documents and exchanged plain paper for recycled paper, used only when it is really needed.

So that there are no excuses not to recycle, we put small recycle bins around the office.

We take advantage of what nature gives us and we only turn on the lights when there is not enough natural light to illuminate the environment. At the end of the day, all the equipment is turned off to not waste unnecessary energy.

In the end we brought together the Home Hunting team and shared some sustainable tips so they can apply them also in your home. One by one, home to homr, we make the world better and greener!


And you? Are already contributing?

Share with us what you already do to help the planet! We want to get to know you better, listen to your ideas, share them with the world and even implement them in Home Hunting and in our homes.

Every month we will share with you some articles and tips so that together we can maintain our world better and guarantee the quality of life of future generarions.

Send us your suggestions to or share on social networks by identifying @HomeHunting, and using the hashtag #eusouverdeHH.


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