Why invest in Lisbon?

JIt has already been taken by Moors, Spanish and French, site of numerous revolts and important events, from where they set sail for the Discoveries, object of reconstruction, rehabilitation and improvement over time. But why is it worth investing in Lisbon?

What are the reasons why this city is worshiped, not only by Portuguese, foreigners, but also by travelers from all over the world?


In our opinion, this is one of the main characteristics of Portugal being one of the points of attraction of Europe, because there is no climate like the Mediterranean. With an average of about 300 sunny days a year, mild temperatures in the winter and little rainfall: what can a visitor ask for more?



Everyone knows that latin people are extremely welcoming. It is in the Portuguese gene the relationship with other peoples and culture. And Lisbon is no exception, occupying the most prestigious positions in diverse rankings of sympathy, welcome and kindness towards foreigners.



Lisbon is considered one of the safest capitals in Europe, with Portugal being the 13th safest country in the world. It is safe to walk on the street, at any time of the day and night, women have the same rights as men, children play in the street and the risk of terrorist attacks is insignificant. We are a safe country for those who seek to live here or just to spend holidays.



Is it one of the main sources of revenue for the country and represents an important percentage of GDP. Lisbon hosts around 6 million tourists each year, and is the winner of the ‘Best European Tourist Destination’, ‘Best Destination City of Europe’ and ‘Best Destination for City Breaks in Europe’, among others.



Portugal is much sought after by tourists from Central and Northern Europe and this is also one of the strongest reasons. For our European neighbors, holidaying in Portugal is quite affordable compared to prices in Northern Europe. Lisbon, even being capital, practices lower prices, comparing, for example, with Spain or Italy.


We are in the corner of Europe, but even so, Lisbon is no longer a point of interest. With its beautiful beaches all along the coast, breathtaking mountain ranges and breathtaking landscapes. Lisbon becomes a privileged trading platform between the different continents, with an airport, with low cost routes, to the main European capitals, being the closest capital of the American and African continent.



Until a few years ago, the vacant houses in Portugal were a problem that affected the various Portuguese cities. Nowadays, apartments and buildings are being recovered that our visitors love. The more traditional the better, they say! They are a business opportunity for builders, sales for real estate agencies and a great investment opportunity.



We do not want to over-develop this theme so as not to leave it with your mouth watering! Is there anyone who comes to Lisbon and does not taste the pastels of Belém, the grilled fish or the famous Portuguese stew? The Mediterranean diet is one of the richest and healthiest in the world, with lots of fish, olive oil and vegetables.



In addiction to being very welcoming, we are a people who ‘get off’ very well in any language. Whether it’s English, Spanish or French, with a better or worse accent, we always try to help anyone who asks us a location, monument, direction or indication.



Social stability, security, gastronomy and climate, typical neighborhoods and the monumental riverside area are enviable attributes of this City, accessible to those who visit us or to those who are lucky enough to live, work or study here.



The Lisbon region represents 40% of the national GDP and concentrates a large number os technological and innovation companies. It is a region with 3 million inhabitants, where are located the economic decision centers of the country and the main multinational companies.



Lisbon is increasingly on the map when it comes to attracting large companies. With interest rates increasingly low, the greater openings of banks and real estate with attractive returns, it becomes increasingly desirable to invest in real estate in Lisbon. The Portuguese market is on the radar of foreign investors, with a constant appreciation, mainly in the most central and tourist areas.



More and more people are interested in investing in Portugal because of the benefits and quality of our Gold Visa program compared to other European countries. It’s something from mouth-to-mouth out there for those who invest, who have only good points to say about us.

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