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Thanks to the energy, today we can have a lifestyle that would be impossible to enjoy if we did not have access to energy.Each one of our daily activities requires the use of energy, wich amounts to an environmental and monetary cost.

Energy consumption is needed for economic and social development worldwide. The transformation, transportarion and use of energy cause negative impacts on the environment: waste is produced, water and soil are contaminated, and emissions are generated in the atmosphere. It is necessary to ensure the energy efficiency of these resources. With a responsible use we can have a greater diversity of services and comfort, without increasing the consumption of them.

However, there are small tricks that put into practice daily help you save energy, reduce expenses and preserve the environment, without leaving aside the comfort.

Here are some tips to reduce energy consumption in your home.


Brighten up your life by spending the least amount of energy
  • Use natural light whenever possible
  • Turn off the lights whenever the are not needed
  • Replace incandescent and fluorescent bulbs with LEDs
  • Reduce ornamental lighting
  • Set dimmers
Pay attention to the equipment you have at home
  • Always turn off electronic equipment when it is no longer in use
  • Choose appliances with a low energy rating
  • Do not buy equipment that has a greater capacity than you need
  • Turn of all stand by buttons
  • Only operate dishwasher when load is full
  • Do not leave the devices switched on whenever you have to interrupt the task
  • Do not leave your TV on or standby
  • Do not leave the chargers plugged in, even equipments are off
  • Whenever possible, let the laundry dry in the fresh air instead of putting it in the tumble dryer
  • Set the dishwasher to finish before the drying program and allow the dishes to air dry
  • Make proper maintenance of your equipment
  • The refrigerator is one of the equipment that consumes the most energy, avoid opening and closing the door many times

Keep your home fresh and airy
  • Keep your windows and doors closed whenever you have the heating on
  • If you need to cool a space, turn off the heat or set it at a lower temperature
  • Use a stove instead of a fireplace, this is more efficient
  • Get down the temperature of your boiler / water heater
  • Get down the temperature of the central heating / air conditioning
  • In the summer keep curtains and roller shutters in order no to let the heat in, in winter do the opposite, open the blinds and curtains so that the sun warms the house
  • Keep the electrical connections of your home in good condition
  • Join the bi-hour rate and schedule the machines to work exclusively at night time
  • Use pressure cookers instead of traditional cookware
  • Install photovoltaic panels with accumulators of energy, this way you will be able to use all the energy that produces


Put attention to the small tasks, there are habits that we do automatically in which we waste a lot of energy. Do you know that:

  • Conventional incandescendent lamps only use about 5% of the electricity they consume in lighting. The remaining 95% are transformed into heat, without luminous utilization.
  • When you leave the electronic devices on standby, they can spend up to 12% of their energy consumption, an annual savings that can be more than 40 euros
  • The more ice your freezer has, the more energy you will expend. Keeping the ice sheet below 3mm will save uo to 30%
  • Turning off the lights whenever you leave a room oor when opening the blinds to take advantage of natural light, you can save 10 to 15% of the original consumption
  • When using a fan instead of air conditioning, you save up to 10% on the electricity bill
  • About 30% of the heat/cold enters the house through the windows, make sure that all  windows and doors are well insulated
  • When you are using the oven, avoid opening the door, you lose 25% of the heat whenever you open it
  • Always cook with the lids to cover the pots, so you can save 75% of energy

Change you habits and you can save a lot, your wallet will thank you and the environment as well.

Share with us tips you already have in your house, send us your suggestions to info@homehunting.pt or share on social networks by identifying @HomeHunting and using the hashtag #eusouverdeHH.


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