Home Hunting # Covid-19. How are we operating?

Extraordinary times: this is how, on March 12 2020, we began the first guide about Home Hunting’s performance during Covid-19 times. We expected that this period would be challenging but brief; unfortunately in 2021 we still battle against the pandemic.

The future becomes, once again, difficult to predict, even considering that today’s knowledge about the virus nothing compares to March 2020. In this regard, Home Hunting enhances the need for a sense of community, empathy, and responsibility.

For extraordinary times, we present extraordinary measures that ensure the wellbeing of Home Hunting’s employees, consultants, and clients. We are ready for these hard times. Count on us.

Our people

Home Hunting employees are, once again, working remotely and only exceptional activities that require physical presence continue to occur. The digital world is part of our DNA, so we are prepared for the need to work from home.

However, in the process of buying and selling a house, there are several moments that do require physical presence. Below you can find how Home Hunting’s team acts in these circumstances.

Home Hunting performance

Our office is currently closed, but we are still at 100%. For any question, you may call us or send us an email.

Would you like to visit a property? Here is what you need to know:

– In order to ensure everyone’s safety and to avoid physical contact as much as possible, we are reinforcing the qualification procedure to understand whether the property concerned suits what the customer is looking for. Home Hunting is only conducting appointments with clients with approved financing and/or credit (we have a Financial Advisor available to help);

– No visits are being conducted to inhabited houses. Only empty properties can receive visits, with occasional exceptions;

– The first visit to a property must be conducted via videoconference. The real estate consultant visits the property and shows it to the potential buyer, who will be able to “control” the visit and to clarify all their doubts. Only after this visit – useful for the buyer to understand if the house corresponds or not to his expectation’s – must be scheduled a visit at the property;

– During the face-to-face visit, some necessary measures and restrictions will be applied:

  • The consultant and the client should not get close;
  • The client must not touch anything, instead may ask the consultant to do it, if necessary;
  • The consultant must open all the doors and disinfect all the objects after the visit;
  • The consultant and the client must not exchange documents, the exchange of documents will be digital;
  • If necessary, the consultant is equipped with disinfectant hand gel and disinfectant wipes for the surfaces;
  • After any visit, the consultant cleans every touched surface with disinfectant wipes;
Are you going to sell a house? Discover our procedures:

– To give all the information to the consult regarding the property, the owner may ideally show the house by video and photographs, making it easier to have all necessary information for a first stage. Then, a digital meeting will take place to discuss the next steps;

– If a visit to the property is indispensable for an evaluation and definition of a more assertive sales strategy, the consultant may go to the property after the client’s qualification and should only be received by one person. For that, some measures will have to be fulfilled:

  • Minimum distance of one metre;
  • The consultant will not touch anything and will ask the owner to do so;
  • The consultant and the client should not exchange documents physically, the exchange of documents will be digital;
  • If necessary, the consultant is equipped with disinfectant hand gel and disinfectant wipes for the surfaces.

Were you about to sign a document? At the moment we are privileging the digital signature in ALL documents. Our consultants will indicate the best way to proceed in any situation and what tools you can use to make the digital signature possible.

We appreciate your understanding in this struggle that we all face and that requires significant changes. It is moments like this that allow us to remember how only together, in community, we can overcome the great challenges! By our side, we guarantee that we will continue to do everything to continue the excellent service that distinguishes us. We will continue to keep you updated with all the news and, if there are any changes in the procedures presented, we will update this article.


The Home Hunting Team



Home Hunting

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